Manu Teaser By Phanindra Narsetti (Madhuram, Backspace)

Manu Teaser

Manu is an upcoming telugu movie directed by Phanindra Narsetti. Phanindra Narsetti is the director of famous short films “Madhuram” and “Backspace“. Do you remember Goutham Kanneganti ? he is son of the most famous comedian Brhmanandam Kanneganti. He is the hero of this film and he is know for his movies “Pallakilo Pellikuturu(2004)” “Vaareva(2011)” and “Basanti(2014)”. 

Manu is a Mystery Romance Drama. It is expected to release in 2017.

Madhuram (2014) by Phanindra Narsetty


Backspace (2012) by Phanindra Narsetty