Why did Pawan Kalyan felt shy?

pawan kalyan

Of course, Pawan Kalyan has many times expressed that he feels shy for many things. Among such thing is, he revealed other day at Saptagiri Express audio launch.

It is already known that the title “Katamarayudu” is originally owned by comedian Saptagiri and he later gave to Pawan Kalyan. This happens to be original title of upcoming movie “Saptagiri Express”.

‘I’ve okayed the title Katamarayudu for my next, but asked my producers to don’t grab it from Saptagiri as they have shot 70% of their movie with this title in mind. I’ve asked my people to leave the title, but Saptagiri has come to me saying that I should take the title. I felt shy for grabbing the title”.

‘Usually, I watch very less films. I didn’t even watch 2-3 films of mine. But, I wish to see Sapthagiri Express because of his comic timing and energy levels. I myself will request the Producer for a private screening of the movie.

Arun Pawar is someone I knew since many years. He is a friend of Trivikram. He even contributed for ‘Sardaar’. I wish ‘Sapthagiri Express’ entertains everybody who steps into the theatre’.

When a person tried to touch his feet, Pawan Kalyan asked him not to do so by saying about the discomfort he experiences with such gestures.Also Pawan wished to watch the film of this comedian soon after release.