Pittagoda Telugu Movie Review and Rating by Cinefocuz

Pittagoda Movie Review


Released on: December 24, 2016


Cast and Crew Details:

  • Starring: Viswadev Rachakonda, Punarnavi Bhupalam
  • Directed by: Anudeep KV
  • Produced by: Ram Mohan
  • Music by: Kamalakar


Story & Plot: 

The movie story starts with four good guys who spend the whole day sitting on the wall and discussing everything. And the love story between hero and heroine starts in Godavarikhani which is located in Telangana state. So this completely about the four young guys and the hero heroine’s love, other than this there nothing much in this story. But the more interesting thing is that the lead actors Viswadev Rachakonda, Punarnavi Bhupalam making Tollywood debut with this film.

Pittagoda Review: 

It is a two-hour film about the life story of four youth, and the hero’s love interest. There is no message as such. It is not an out and out Telangana film but has a Karimnagar dialect… The slang is very informal and warm” says director Anudeep and finally comedy timing is good. Nice suspense element before Interval.


Actors Performances:

Vishwa, Punarnavi, and other friends tailor made for roles. Nice one-liners and no lag in the movie. All the actors fit their roles. Good comedy.


One Liner: Small film but good attempt.


Rating: 3/5